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Kate Braestrup is a community minister, law enforcement chaplain, and the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir, Here If You Need Me, Marriage and Other Acts of Charity and Beginner's Grace: Bringing Prayer to Life.

  • “Beginner's Grace:
    Bringing Prayer to Life”

    Beginner's Grace is a gift. Beautiful. Touching. Instantly useful. A winner!”
    - Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

    What books about prayer need most is more authors like Kate Braestrup. There's no false piety here, nor is there much heady analysis either. Instead, there is an exquisitely informative, seductive, largely autobiographical, but no-holds-barred frank, presentation of one chaplain's own engagement with prayer.”
    - Phyllis Tickle, former Religion Editor of Publishers Weekly, author of The Great Emergence

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  • [Braestrup is] self-deprecating, funny and feisty and seemingly extremely honest with herself. She writes of her religion and its teaching in an approachable way, much like spiritual author Anne Lamott… Many readers will wish she were the minister of their local church . . . an insightful look at the role marriage and loving relationships of every sort play in everyday lives.”
    - Amy Canfield, The Miami Herald

    …the dialogue is deft and elegant, the scenery and back stories interesting and intense. The game wardens of Maine live on an icy edge between life and death; Braestrup evokes that world with skill.”
    - Carolyn See, The Washington Post

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  • Bracing and lovely… She brings the same mix of raw feeling, bravery and tenderness to her work in the field. It's hard to imagine a better companion with whom to sit out an agonizing wait or study the lessons of loss and a self-mended heart.”
    - Martha Fay, More Magazine

    Even the most jaded secularist would fall for the chaplain of the Maine Warden Service.”
    - Karen Schechner, Cleveland Plain-Dealer

    A must-read for any parent who has tried to answer a child's hard questions or for anyone who has struggled to find meaning. Best of all, this remarkable true story is told with uncommon candor, grace and humor… This is one search-and-rescue you won't want to miss.”
    -Martha White, Christian Science Monitor

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